ASME training at customer´s. We would like to offer you a new dimension in training and upgrading the expertise of ASME personnel and AWS regulations for the production of pressure vessels, boilers, piping and pressure parts.

We have prepared for the first half of this year the ASME LIMITED TRAINING, which is focused on the regulations of ASME Sec. I, II, V, VIII Div. 1, IX Ed. 2019 and AWS D1.1 Ed. 2015. Training is recommended for designers, welding and NDT staff, senior quality assurance staff, and also for sales/purchasing representatives.

What is revolutionary in ASME LIMITED training offer?

  • A selection of 28 lectures on ASME and AWS
  • Schedule according to your needs
  • Focusing lectures according to the professional specialization of staff
  • Current lectures on the latest valid ASME Ed. 2019
  • Lending of training materials
  • Training in your company, we will come to you
  • The issued training certificate serves as objective evidence in the training of staff


  • New ASME Sec. IX Ed. 2019 request - objective maintenance of welding supervision qualification (QG-106)
  • Higher qualification requirements for NDT personnel - new minimal ISO 9712 qualification limits
  • Shortening of NDT certificate validity to 3 years for Level I and II (ASME Sec. V, Mand. App. III)
  • New requirements for NDT inspection of basic materials after machining!
  • And other substantial changes that need to be known

Design your training and become a true expert in the production of pressure vessels, boilers and other pressure parts according to ASME. We will help you to apply ASME to the requirements of PED 2014/68 / EU.

Guarantors of the training:

Ing. Michal Heinrich, Ph.D., (Authorized NuclearInspector and Supervisor) ext. Inspector at HSB International GmbH
Ing. Igor Hojdyš, (Authorized Inspector) ext. Inspector at HSB International GmbH

ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1

ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1

21. - 22.1.2021 - training and workshop for designers

Two-day training and workshop ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 Ed. 2019 for beginning and advanced designers providing design and calculation of pressure vessels. The aim of this training is to get basic skills of ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, analysis of approved materials, basic calculations of shell, head and nozzle, determination of safety coefficients depending on the specified range of NDT testing and other related material requirements and response to ASME Sec. IX

  • Price from 5.445, - CZK without VAT / 225 € with VAT,
  • price includes training materials, refreshments,
  • the largest ASME / AWS training center in the Czech Republic,
  • training lasts 12 hours, divided into two days,
  • the output of the training is a certificate of completion of training and workshop.

ASME training center

We recommend accommodation in the hotel La Rosa *** or hotel Richtr *** in Frydek-Mistek, about 8 km from the training center, for more information visit and


  • the date will be specified
  • e-mail: or by post to:
    Heinrich Innovation sro, Skalice 456
    738 01 Frydek-Mistek

If interested, please contact:
Ing. Michal Heinrich, Ph.D., tel .: +420 777 323 593,
Ing. Igor Hojdyš, tel.: +420 604 345 185,
Alena Heinrichová, tel.: +420 734 480 828, (registration)
Petra Trusinová, tel .: +420 737 588 103, (invoices, advance sheets)